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This course introduces you to multimedia technologies, we will address how to efficiently represent multimedia data, including video, image, and audio. In the coding aspect, state-of-the-art compression technologies will be presented.

Emphasis will be given to a number of standards, including H.26x, MPEG, and JPEG. In the networking aspect, special considerations for sending multimedia over wireless, and IP networks, such as error resilience and quality of service, will be discussed.

Real-time Transportation Protocol and its applications will be described. Current research results in multimedia technology will be reviewed.

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast journalism plays a vital role in society. It keeps us informed of what’s happening in the world around us, updates us on the things we really need to know, and does so in a way that’s accessible for everybody. If you’re eager to investigate and report on the latest events and issues, then our broadcast journalism degree is the right choice for you.

In today’s digital age, internet joins TV and radio as one of the key platforms through which news is shared. To reflect cutting-edge developments in broadcast journalism, this course covers both traditional and new media to prepare you for the reality of working as a professional broadcast journalist.

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