About Us

Broadcasting organizations exist basically to communicate to people. Whether radio or TV stations are Government, Commercial or Private, whether programs are spoken word, music, commercials or community announcements, in all cases ‘the message needs to get through’. The emphasis in programs must always be on quality, both content and sound. This course is all about the quality of total content delivery to the customer.

Broadcasting and Program Presentation Skills training assists program staff to gain a better understanding of what it means to broadcast quality sound, from the listeners and viewers perspective. It gives staff an insight into preparing and presenting on-air programs in ways that make the best possible use of the basic program materials and staff resources that are available.

Staff engaged in program presentation need to be conscious of making the broadcasting system seem to be transparent to the audience. Listeners and viewers should only be aware of the actual program and not the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the radio and / or TV station. This training course will develop staff skills in basic and advanced areas of program presentation and consider how to achieve transparent and ‘error-free’ broadcasting.

Our Mission

The Broadcast Arts Institute is to develop manpower for the Broadcast, Multimedia and Entertainment industries by providing hands on facilities training for students and exposing them to industries’ best practices to make their education functional.

Our Vision

To Develop qualitative, innovative, creative and digital savvy minds for competitive edge.